After months in hiatus - with that static landing page advising that the website was being ‘redeveloped’ (a euphemistic term given that not a single word from the old website survived) - it’s great to be able to flick the switch and make this site live!

It’s amazing how many iterations you can make on an individual image, or the number of times you can edit a sentence so that ‘okay’ words become ‘good’, ‘good’ words become ‘better’ and - hopefully - a series of ‘better’ words in succession can neatly capture the message you’re trying to convey. It can be frustrating, but the challenge of continually iterating and improving every little detail is also uniquely rewarding.

We’re proud of the website as a “1.0” starting point, but we’re also acutely aware it’ll continue to evolve; we’ll find a more engaging image to use, or a more succinct way of expressing a concept, or we’ll learn that a small tweak here or there improves legibility or accessibility in some modest but meaningful way. We’re looking forward to version 2.0!

To that end, we’d love your feedback! Please drop us a line or comment below to tell us what works and what doesn’t work for you about this site. We’ve been looking at these pages and images and words for a long time and it’s no doubt affected our impartiality, so it’d be great to get your fresh perspective. Maybe there’s something simple we’ve overlooked/omitted, or there’s a section we think is clear but which is unnecessarily vague or confusing? Let us know if there’s something you want to see added, too.

Thanks for your support!