About Lowe Creative

We’re a creative services consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Since opening our doors in 2010, we’ve very organically developed a speciality for training and communication within FMCG, Supply Chain and Logistics.

Our business began in direct response to an approach from a leading FMCG brand looking to showcase their ANZ supply chain to their international colleagues through a long-form video. (Following the launch of a supplier training DVD that Matt independently created while at Woolworths). That project led to developing Standards guides, supplier magazines and more videos, and highlighted a real need for high-quality, engaging content within the industry.

As a smaller firm, we are agile, flexible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients. Our scale also means that we can provide one-to-one focus and highly-tailored solutions: we really get to understand our client’s needs and objectives at every stage of the process. Client feedback has been unanimously positive, and we’re continually working hard to keep it that way!

(We’re available to help internationally, too; if you’re outside of Australia and looking for assistance, let us know - there’ll always be a good fit combining travel and remote support).


Matt Lowe, Director

Matt loves to make complex things simple, and to help bring clarity and understanding where confusion exists.

With 29 years of experience in FMCG Retail, Replenishment, Logistics & Supply Chain, Matt is passionate about driving improved engagement, communication, consistency, training and education across the industry.

Working in leadership, education and transformation roles with major retailers, Matt has a proven capability across a range of fields (you can read more via the LinkedIn button below) but it’s the creative and educational potential of those roles that have always sparked the greatest interest.

When he’s not working, Matt loves to travel (Japan is a favourite; Vietnam is next on the list) with his family…all while carrying far too many kilos of camera and drone equipment!


Mel Lowe, Director

Mel’s passion is fostering strong, cohesive, connections between people - knowing that effective communication is fundamental to achieving that goal.

Mel has spent over 15 years in the Retail Ops, Merchandise Analysis and Space Planning arenas, working with Woolworths Supermarkets, Cadbury Schweppes, BP & Nielsen.

Through her career, Mel has developed a keen sense for visual impact and effectiveness; immediately discerning what works and doesn’t work, what advances the core objective and what merely distracts or complicates. She excels at balancing these visual and aesthetic elements with demographic and sociological drivers of behaviour.

When she’s not working, Mel loves travelling, exploring languages and cultures, reading widely and raising three wonderful kids.